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Small Business Accounting

Our team is committed to helping you with your accounting needs. We provide comprehensive services so that you can focus on running your business. Our services include preparing bank reconciliations, recording deposits, processing your bill payments, preparing sales and use tax returns, preparing financial statements, and training your personnel to efficiently use QuickBooks or other accounting software.


Payroll processing is a critical business function that can easily be separated from your other accounting functions. Our team offers solutions to this often tedious and time consuming task. Our services include preparation of your payroll, whether you prefer paper checks or direct deposit, remittance of payroll taxes to appropriate taxing authorities, preparation of payroll tax returns, and preparation of year end reporting forms.

Cash Flow Management

You’ve worked too hard to build your business to let it fall from a cash crisis. Let us prevent that from happening by developing a cash flow projection just for you.

Strategic Business Planning

We can help you develop and implement an efficient, effective strategic business plan designed to make your business succeed. Let us help you put your business plans into action.

New Business Formation

Starting a new business is an exciting adventure and we want to share the adventure with you. Do not let the mundane tasks of starting a business dampen your enthusiasm. Our team can assist you in applying for an employer identification number and completing new business registrations. We will help you create a plan of action that will give your new business a secure, stable platform on which to build.

Internal Controls

We can evaluate your operating procedures and give recommendations that will help safeguard your business’ assets and operations.

QuickBooks Services

Looking for a simple, easy and affordable way to keep your own books? We can help you with QuickBooks which allows you to save time on bookkeeping by having automatic bookkeeping tasks and offering an easy way to generate reports.

Audits | Reviews | Compilations

Your creditors, stockholders and investors require accurate operating statements and reports. We provide all levels of attest services. We will be happy to discuss your assurance options and the level of service that will meet your needs.

Bank Financing

Appropriate financing is critical to the success of your business. We have many years of experience with individual and corporate borrowing arrangements and we can help you prepare your proposal or business plan to present to your lender. Our policy is simple: when you succeed, we succeed.

Succession Planning

When you start a family business, you hope for it to succeed even after you retire. Our team will help you create a succession plan so that you can successfully transition operations to the next generation.

Nonprofit Organizations

Our team has a long history of assisting nonprofit organizations. Our services range from providing audited financial statements to preparing informational tax returns to assisting with daily accounting questions. We can help you focus on your mission as we focus on the accounting details. 

Pension Administration

Pension administration is the process of managing both the everyday and strategic decisions involved in maintaining your pension fund. As your business grows, this task can become extremely time-consuming and complex. We can manage the entire process for you at a reasonable cost, freeing you to work on growing your business.

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